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The Human Instrumentality Project

6 Dec 2020 T2

So I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion. The “Human Instrumentality” project may be a reality in my lifetime.

To think that all human perspectives could be united in one homogeneous sludge of biomass. I know that the CCP will try. If anyone/anything could pull it off, it would be them. We will see what comes of them. Hopefully, joining or remaining independent of such a hive mind is a free choice.

Camus had no hope of transcending the human experience; we might have a chance with our technology. Hope is an infectious thing, after all.

The human experience has already been fundamentally altered by the free access to endless streams of information.

Sometimes, it feels like all I have is the screen; just endless information passing under my gaze. What stream to watch next?

The bandwidth of touchscreens and keyboards leave much to be desired. Brain-computer interfaces will determine much of our future at every level. Whatever changes they bring will be sweeping and absolute.

In some ways, it’s the same as it always was; the stick and the rope. But, there are ways that this time is different, and that’s where we should be paying attention. We may finally have the chance to transcend this cacophony of suffering.

Don’t press the nuke button; hug your fellow human.

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