Ben Boyle

Wave Commander

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Warning: You are entering the pretentious zone.

The Myth of Sisyphus in Four Shapes

“May the gift of consciousness blossom, Ad Infinitum.”

Ben’s Rules for Life

The two most difficult things in life are:

“As the memories fade, I sit and think. What was it I cared about again?”

“Music, not Latin, is the language of Gods”

Face deep in a screen,

Drowning in the shallow stream.

It doesn’t let up; it never will.


Drunken Prose from a darker time

I feel;

Like I am

Being swallowed by a BLACKNESS.

Apathy and procrastinatory aspirations

Breed and fester upon my shadowy


Like leeches, they suck and drain

The physical dopamine that would

Normally fuel my happiness.

I am lost in a world,

Populated with few people and yet I fail

To pay them attention.

Selfish am I,

To succomb to such a BLACKNESS and

To be so callous as to not care for

Those who are so close?

I do not know,

For I have lost my way.