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Apple II

29 Dec 2020 T3

I wanted to write something positive, an apology actually.

I wanted to say that I was sorry for my previous post calling out Apple.

I wanted to say that I was wrong, Tim Cook is operating under the pressure of many groups, including shareholders and consumers, and that Apple isn’t done innovating with the new M1 Apple Silicon as evidence (I still hope that Intel will be dethroned and ARM reinvents portable computing).

I wanted to acknowledge the beauty and the good in Apple; the Apple that makes computers for humans like nobody else.

I wanted to, but my conscience could not allow it. I was brought back to reality by Louis Rossmann and friends; this Apple is rotten to the core.

This company is going out of its way to track its users and thwart “Right to Repair” legislation.

It’s simply unacceptable.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to inform their consumer base. The money will keep being raked in by the hundreds of billions.

When will people learn? When will the camel’s back give way?

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