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An Apology and a Personal Update

6 Jun 2022 MP

It’s been a while. 260 days exactly.

I would like to apologize to everyone who has visited this website. I put Google Analytics tracking on this website on 5 Dec 2020. I wanted to get some data about the number of users visiting this site, what pages they were viewing, how long they were staying etc.

I have been conflicted about this decision since I made it. I have not been paying my website enough attention, and now that I have restructured it, this was the first change I wanted to make.

I am sorry. I will not add any invasive tracking Javascript to this website ever again.

With that out of the way: hello!

I am doing very well since I last posted a personal update. The biggest news is that I graduated from UPEI with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science! It is wonderful having that done and out of the way. I completed Computer Graphics I and II, as well as Video Game Engine Architecture as electives in my final year. Computer graphics is so so so much fun! I have made my city project public on GitHub. If you want a textbook recommendation, Real-time Rendering was an excellent resource.

I have been taking a break since I finished my schoolwork; my days consist of eating, programming, reading, and meeting with friends.

I recently reached out to The Rural highschool and will be planning new things for the computing club that has thankfully survived while I was forced to take a break due to personal health and university studies.

Luckily, I found something warm. It has been six months since our first date. Things have been going very well.

I will certainly have some more meaty content on here soon. I have had a few posts on the back burner for months and months. I will be cleaning them up and finishing them in the coming months.

I also have a couple of programs that I will be making open source on my GitHub; I will make accompanying posts here.

Hopefully you noticed the restructuring of this site. No longer are dates the primary key used to sort posts; it is now the tier of importance or their type. This is an instance of me attempting to do as I say: prioritize the information you broadcast. The next addition will be a minimal tagging system where visitors can Ctrl-F the post index for tags they want to search for.

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